Marki Costello On Vh1 March 20 At 10pm!

From PR News Wire:

"I Know My Kid's A Star" premiering on VH1, Thursday, March 20 at 10pm challenges Danny Bonaduce to seek out one great, aspiring, triple-threat stage-hungry kid, identify them as a star, and train their driven stage mom or dad to be a supportive and fit parent who won't end up driving their kid into rehab.

Over the course of 8 hour-long episodes, "I Know My Kid's a Star" will feature ten Hollywood crazed parent/child teams living in a house in Los Angeles, willing to do whatever it takes so their child will become the next big star. The kids will need to have talent and the parents will need to have the smarts to navigate showbiz without ruining their child's career or life. The realities of the business become clearer, as each week Danny will eliminate one parent/child team that just won't make it in the cutthroat world of Hollywood.
Joining Danny in judging will be notable Hollywood casting director and manager, Marki Costello . The two will judge the teams based on skill level, poise, likeability, and stage presence of the kids. Each episode presents a challenge for the kids, whether it's auditioning for a cartoon voice-over, trying out for a part in a horror flick or being asked to cry on cue during a soap opera audition. Just as important, in each episode the parents will also have their own challenge -- without their kids to see if they're ready to handle Hollywood. It's a tough business but in the end one team will emerge the winner and receive $50,000 cash and one year representation by Marki Costello . will sneak peek episode one beginning Thursday, March 13 -- one week before the series' on-air premiere and will be home to exclusive video content throughout the season. Additionally, each episode will be available on every Monday following its Thursday on-air premiere. "I Know My Kid's a Star" is executive produced by Danny and Gretchen Bonaduce. JD Roth, Todd Nelson, Adam Greener are executive producers for 3 Ball Productions and Jeff Olde and Claire McCabe are executive producers for VH1.