Denise Jones


Denise Jones is a proud Mexican American radio, television and digital producer/personality. Denise served as a long-time on-air producer for Power 106 winning over millions of listeners with her quick wit and genuine spirit. Revolt TV took notice and in 2013 she began hosting the live television series Revolt Live, while also taking on digital correspondent duties for the company. As this same time, Denise kept her creative energy flowing as on-camera talent for All Def Digital and at different times, creative consultant for both Nike and Adidas. In 2016, Denise rejoined with Mando Fresko of the Power 106 family, becoming the Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Officer of his Hubwav Media company. With knowledge, skill and personality, Denise is paving the way for women in entertainment.   



INSTAGRAM: @youknowdenise

TWITTER: @youknowdenise

FACEBOOK: @youknowdenise

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