David Cruz


For the last five years, David has been making a name for himself in the world of relationships, dating and love. From being a featured advice columnist to a curator of lux Valentines Day gifts, David has made his claim to becoming a personality and brand that people trust when it comes to all things romantic.

David has been a featured columnist for some of the biggest media companies in the US and Australia, such as Frontiers Magazine LA, DNA Magazine (Aus.), YourTango.com, PattiKnows.com and The Huffington Post. 

In the summer of 2010, and with a strong following of readers building behind him, David created Finding-Cupid.com, a website dedicated to all things love. Today, Finding Cupid features eight new writers whose areas of expertise range from cooking, fashion, crafting, beauty and more. The blog features all six degrees of lifestyle content in the world of love and relationships. 

Additionally, the new website also features two new pages that focus on his two other passions: crafting and gift giving.

The Modern Crafter is a page that is dedicated to all things sentimental. Each month the page features easy DIY projects that one can make for their significant other or themselves. From paper decorations to cards, “The Modern Crafter” has it all.

The Market Place was a place for David to share his favorite finds in the world of gifting. Inspired by the lack of unique and quality gift ideas, David set out to find the very best of the best and now features them with regular updates to the product assortment.

Fueled by the success of the website, Finding Cupid Radio launched in the summer of 2011 on the Universal Broadcasting Network in Hollywood. The show featured David as the host of a live radio talk show that showcased celebrity guests, writers, and singers.

In 2013, David became the newest cast member and Matchmaker on the hit Bravo TV Show, The Millionaire Matchmaker. Under the tutelage of the most famous matchmaker on television, Patti Stanger, David quickly was promoted to Director of Matchmaking after only working for one year with The Millionaires Club.

This single handedly rounded out his expertise and brand presence in the world of love. 



WEBSITE: www.finding-cupid.com

TWITTER: @davidcruztmm - 4.5k followers

INSTAGRAM: @davidcruztmm- 24.6k followers

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